Wednesday, 13 December 2006

My name is Charles Sole and I am the Match Director for the Tarheel 3-Gun matches in North Carolina. I have been the Match Director for several 3-Gun events in NC over the past six years. My partners and I have formed "Tarheel 3-Gun," the parent organization for three different shooting events in the central NC area.

"We use several of your target systems, a bird popper and five TA125. These target systems are outstanding. We get about 70-80 shooters at our monthly matches so these systems have been tested to the extreme. The have worked  without any issues.

I have used both the auto reset targets and the automated shooting gallery for 22lr. Great fun and the  reactive targets are great for training new shooters.
 Particulary pleased with the "sniper" model auto reset rifle target.Stands up well even to the 338 Lapua rifle cartridge.Not having to run down range and reset steel impact targets is a great time saver when training for long distance marksmanship.
 I would recommend these targets to anyone interested in putting more shooting and less target setting into their time spent shooting. Gordon Whitman


Mr. Bob Piere adivised me that you loaned us the shooting gallery and flip targets for our field sports Camporee that we held on May 19-21.
Please accept the thanks of the Otschodela Council, Boy Scouts of America for helping to make 159 scouts have a super camporee.  Certainly your shooting gallery was a highlight in every scout's agenda for the day.  I remain with best personal regards."
James J. Curter, District Executive


"Reaction Targets, Moving Targets,

To complete my shooting gallery installed in my new home I wanted a moving target similiar to the small cal. type found in county fairs etc.  I contacted Joe at Reaction Targets (518-828-0722) and explained my problem.  He and his company were kind enough to design and build a moving target which fit my bullet stop perfectly and works flawlessly.  I most highly recommend Reaction Targets Carnival Shooting Gallery for a sturdy, multi speed machine that is remote controlled."

Francis W. Covert
Springhill, Fl.

Hello! UPS delivered the Silhouette Shoot Auto Reset target I just ordered this week. This is truly a piece of work!! Very well designed and not hard to assemble.  We can hardly wait to try it out and then invite friends over. I will show them your site and perhaps get more business for you all. I am really happy  with it.  Thanks again. Tom


Hello Andrea and Joe,
I just wanted to comment on how great your AR500 tree targets hold up. I was at the range yesterday with the one I bought from you a couple of years ago, plinking away with my AR15 at 100m. A friend of mine showed up with his M1 Garand and said what a cool target it was. He said, "too bad I can't shoot at it with this gun" (meaning his 30-06 M1). I told him to go ahead and do his worst.
He proceeded to make 8 very good shots knocking the target back and forth (thank goodness I used those 10" nails). After a bunch more shooting I went out and brought the target back to the firing line. It needs a new coat of white paint, but the surface is not even dented from the dozens of hits.
There were several people on the range asking where to get these, so I told them to check your website.
Best Regards,
Steve Tomas


I just wanted to say "thank-you" again for meeting with me on Wednesday.  It was an interesting visit & I really enjoyed talking with you.  Your shop, inventions, and your products were all very impressive.

I hope to keep in contact with you as to the success (hopefully) of my shooting gallery, as well as your whereabouts.  Good luck & thank you again.


Brook Bourgeois

PS- i set up the galleries and as you said, they worked flawlessly! You're the best.


Last July 2007, I bought a Reaction Target from Joe Cesternino at the cobleskill Gun show.

I hunt Feral Hogs in Texas, about four times a year.  Most shots are at 200 to 300  yards.

The Reaction Target I bought is great.  You dont need a spotting scope or have to walk down the range to see if you  hit the target.  The Reaction goes down when hit and returns to the up right position.

The Reaction Target is great fun!  Saves a lot of walking-plus if upi cam jot ot at 200 and 300 yards, you will have no problem-as in my case of hitting a feral hog at those distances.

If you are a serious hunter, or shooter, the reaction target is the way to go!


Catskill, NY

Hi Joe and Andrea:  
Put the targets together and they run great! They arrived too late for the special h.22 rifle shoot (can't fault Mother Nature) however, they will add a new dimension to our next event. It"s impressive how easy the targets assemble and break down for storage. Thank you.
Lewis Whiting, NRA Life





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