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seeking company to manufacture and or take over rights to this system.                        The Hostage Rescue Target System   


                                     Patent Pending                                        

A revolutionary tool, designed and manufactured By Reaction Targets in the USA that improves reaction times and target acquisition for law enforcement,  and everyday citizens.

Our fool proof, stand alone, easy maintenance system sets up in minutes.

Provides shoot and no shoot targets moving in two directions simultaneously, across and amongst one another.

Simply changing the targets location, or the amount of targets, will provide infinite levels of difficulty for a novice to a pro-shooter.  The target postioning holes are numbered or color coded,  so you can easily recreate a set up scenario.

Shooters will advance their skills while enjoying a simple trouble free moving target system.  No tools needed for assembly and disassembly.

Unit Specs for the 4 foot model:  Wt. 35lbs, disassembled length 48”, total target displacement distance 70.”

Total target placement positions infinite. The 4 ft. model, comes with 6 target stands that hold the wood target posts ( wood target posts not included) or 3 double target stands for IDPA targets, 60' wire, foot switch and battery clips.

Fully guareented for 1 year.



                 See the video below, on the 8 ft. model for

                                   descrition and details.               


This close up shot shows the complete frame of the 4 ft. target system with the target holders, notice the numbered target positioning holes
Shown with IDPA shoot and no shoot targets on 4 ft. model.
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